Men's Golf Association

The Men's Golf Association is a non-profit group that exist solely to raise money for the needs of the club.  Our primary focus is on the golf course itself, but we have and will continue to use our proceeds on all club improvements.  One of the main benefits to being a member of the MGA is that it allows you to participate in all the MGA events, but most importantly it is a statement that says I care about our club and am willing to do my part to continue to improve our club.

Membership to the MGA is a simple $40 a year that is automatically added to your statement in the first quarter of each year.  Simply call the pro shop and let Tim know that you would like to be a member, its that simple.  Without the MGA the club would not be able to do renovations on the course or at the club.  We will host several golf tournaments each year to raise the funds to accomplish many projects.  So wait no longer and become a part of something special and join the Men's Golf Assoiciation.

President; Anthony Collins
Vice President; Jeff Wadsworth
Sectetary; Paul Quinn
 Treasurer: Sean Bowers
Tournament Director; Ross Horak